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Industrial Boiler Training Courses

As the leading British boiler maker, Byworth offers candidates a unique boiler operation training experience.

Experts present theoretical knowledge in a friendly and easy to understand manner, in a comfortable, fully equipped lecture room. This theory is put into practice by hands-on experience on the fully operational boiler running at the factory.

In addition, candidates are given a tour of the manufacturing facility and are able to view boilers and ancillaries at various stages of manufacture, and hence gain an insight into the topics being studied which no other boiler training provider can offer.

Boiler training takes place at the factory in Keighley, West Yorkshire. However, if your organisation requires a number of candidates to be trained or specific training on own boiler plant, Byworth can offer training at your site.

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Ensure that those responsible for day to day boiler
operation, or overall management, are fully conversant with the risks, safe procedures and best practice in the boiler house. Satisfy HSE and Insurance Company’s requirement for proof of competence

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Ensure that boilers run at peak performance at all times. Even 0.5% drop in boiler efficiency between services could cost £1000s in excess fuel.

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Ensure compliance with current legislation by learning the correct procedures to minimise emissions.

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